Why Educational Consulting is a Must When You Relocate

Educational Consulting map

Relocating for a work assignment can be terrifying process, especially making the move with children.

While you are eager to please your employer, and progress in your career, concerns over relocating with school children can be one of the biggest drawbacks to accepting the new assignment. There is plenty of information online to help and support expat families, however, these solutions answer general questions. The answers are not specific to you or your child or the situation that you are facing. To make the move easier, Educational Consulting can be one of the easiest, stress free choice that you can make.

While you may have general inquiries, an educational consultant can be specific to your unique situation and provide personal assistance to you.

For the Corporation

According to different global mobility surveys, family issues like education are one of the main reasons for assignment failures.

By providing educational consulting for your employees, you are supporting the child’s educational journey, leading to a less stressful employee who can then use their energy to be more productive at work.

For the Family

Becoming part of the expat family community can create many concerns for you about your child’s education.

An Educational Consultant can help answer any education questions that you may have about moving, your child’s choices of schools, and how to ensure that they progress in their education. Educational Consultants can help with school searches and answering the questions and concerns that you have when accepting a new assignment and have to move overseas.

As Educational Consultants know the country that you are planning on relocating to, they have a vast amount of knowledge about schools and opportunities for your child. This allows them to match your child’s needs with the correct school, not the school that is closest to the new home, or where the other employees’ children go to.

When a child moves from one school to another, gaps will exist even if you are moving from one IB school to another. Using an Educational Consultant can help identify these gaps and help find solutions for them. Consultants can also plan for future educational needs, depending on where the student is planning to continue their studies.

At EMG School Placement, we have Educational Consultants based throughout the world, ready to help with your inquiries.

All consultants have a vast amount of knowledge about the education system in the area they are based in. With the aim to assist families around the world when moving for work, we address misconceptions such as one school fits all, research on the internet will do, no need to offer this benefit to all employees and destination providers can find the right school.

EMG School Placement was created by educators and expats so we know the business and we ensure to help find the correct educational path for your child, for today and for the future.