University Placement for Germany and The Netherlands

Our focus

  • Structured educational assessment
  • Educational solutions tailored to the needs of each student
  • Selecting academic institutions which are “the best match”
  • High-quality education

Who is it for?

For prospective and existing students wishing to

  • study in English
  • save a lot of money on tuition
  • receive high-quality education
  • get a degree which is recognized worldwide
  • seek work after graduating

Why use EMG School Placement consulting services?

We provide clarity and the best judgment on different educational systems and universities based on careful and thorough planning. Our services are tailored to your needs.

Comprehensive Education Consulting Program

  • Questionnaire/Analysis of student’s academic, extracurricular and personal profile
  • 60-minute consultation via Skype with the assigned counselor to better understand/define your needs, goals, motivation, abilities, character, interests and strengths
  • Summary of the steps agreed upon
  • Facilitation of processing your diplomas for evaluation, to verify the eligibility to study in a country of your choice
  • Research on English taught study programs / universities which match student’s profile/ where he/she has realistic chances of being admitted
  • Liaison with admissions managers on student’s behalf
  • Contacting universities via phone and email (acting as a student´s advocate) to inquire about various questions (wait lists, number of students accepted, number of students who successfully completed the first year etc.) Asking questions relevant to the student’s profile
  • University target list – Comprehensive, written report on shortlisted academic programs including program duration, language and academic entry requirements, application procedures and deadlines, contact details, enrollment and tuition fees
  • Support with application