Educational Repatriation: Our unique solution puts a family at ease

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Public vs. international schools: Which school is the right fit upon repatriation?

Family’s Challenge – Repatriation to Germany

International Family relocating from the UK to the US with two school children; in five years repatriating to Germany. The children spoke German to one parent but never lived in Germany and never attended a German school.

“Family requested the company to support international schooling for older child who would be 15 at the time of repatriation. “

EMG School Placement Approach

After a thorough needs analysis we conducted an extensive research on school options, first in the US and then in Germany.

We assessed all aspects of the student’s situation: 

  • academic profile
  • languages spoken
  • education system of origin
  • public and private education

The school the children attended in the UK did not offer German. The same was for the U.S.; none of the schools there offered German either. We contacted German target schools, analysed and compared the curriculum, assessed the children´s knowledge of German.

Our conclusion and recommendation

In order to be able to attend the German school the older child had to be tutored in several main subjects, a few hours per day. Due to the length of the school days and after- school activities in the U.S. tutoring sessions were out of question.

EMG School Placement  Solution

We wrote a confidential report to the company stating:

“Taking into account  the differences in the curriculum and the language gap that was caused by the family living outside Germany the chances of the child being successfully integrated into the German school system so late were very limited.

Our recommendation for the child was to continue and finish an international school that offered IB curriculum and where the language of instruction was English. This would ensure consistency in the curriculum and would remove the language barrier that was created as a result of living outside Germany.”

We can help you with an independent, expert recommendation as to which school should be supported in a specific instance for a specific child.