Comprehensive Educational Consulting

Comprehensive end-to-end service which starts with student assessment and

ends with school placement.

  • Consulting for one or more dependents
  • Needs assessment form sent to the family
  • 60-minute intake interview (conducted via Skype or phone) to better

understand and define the family´s needs and preference as well as their

children´s interests and strengths

  • Summary of the intake interview and the steps agreed upon, highlighting

the key points to make sure we share the same understanding of the approach and expectations

  • Curriculum overview / comparison
  • Research on schools
  • Develop a list of appropriate schools including identification of those with space and those with waiting lists
  • Explain application process
  • Send “ Interview Questions for Parents and Students”
  • Send individually tailored “Questions to Ask When Visiting Schools”
  • Arrange appointments, school visits and interviews, where required and permitted
  • Follow-up to learn the results of the family’s visits to the schools (15-30 minutes talk via phone)
  • Act as the student’s advocate
  • Provide information on registration / enrollment process
  • Support throughout the whole education consulting process