Unleash your pandemic potential by learning a language When COVID-19 first came to the world’s attention in January 2020 little did we know that within two months it would lead to a global pandemic. This started a rollercoaster journey of lockdowns, phased re-openings, travel restrictions and of course vaccinations. Effectively the world was brought to […]

Educational Repatriation: Our unique solution puts a family at ease Public vs. international schools: Which school is the right fit upon repatriation? Family’s Challenge – Repatriation to Germany International Family relocating from the UK to the US with two school children; in five years repatriating to Germany. The children spoke German to one parent but […]

Why Educational Consulting is a Must When You Relocate Relocating for a work assignment can be terrifying process, especially making the move with children. While you are eager to please your employer, and progress in your career, concerns over relocating with school children can be one of the biggest drawbacks to accepting the new assignment. […]