Assessment Service: Public vs. Private Schools

When repatriating to their home country relocating families may request their company to finance private schooling as their children have been exposed to the international school system for a long time. On the other hand, corporations may request an assessment service and recommendation as to which type of schooling (private or public) should be supported.

This service is highly personalized and child-specific.

  • Educational Consultant becomes familiar with the company education policy and with private/international schools on the approved list
  • Client Company sends relevant family information to EMG / School Placement (contact information, number of school children etc.)
  • 60-minute intake interview (conducted via Skype or phone) with parents to understand reasons for proposing private school
  • Independent research, in addition to the interview with parents, to assess all aspects of the student’s situation: academic profile, languages spoken, education system back home, state vs. private education in the target location, and final repatriation needs
  • Educational Consultant provides confidential written recommendation to the client company