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Who We Are

Global educational consulting firm providing solutions unique to your situation. Assisting relocating families with school children and international students who are looking to study abroad.

Right schooling choice is the result of careful and thoughtful planning

Our Story

EMG School Placement was founded by educators and expats who

saw an extreme need for professional educational support for

families relocating with school children. We also wanted

to address misconceptions such as: one school fits all,

research on the Internet will do, no need to offer this

benefit to all employees. destination providers can find

the right school.

Started in 2014, under the name School Placement

Consulting, with a clear vision to grow and assist

families around the globe in finding internal schools in Germany

and the Netherlands. Five years later we have become a global educational consulting firm offering services on four continents.

What Makes Us Different

Multicultural & multilingual educators

Growing team of 45 experts on four continents

Special Education Expertise

Remote school search consulting

Knowledge and experience

Flexibility & Transparency

We listen

We communicate

We think in solutions

We "think future"


Our Services

Education Consulting Programs

  • Who will be helping me choose the right school: relocation consultant, expat forum(s), colleagues, Google or an expat blogger?
  • How will my child´s curriculum gaps be identified? (Gaps exist even if you are moving from one IB school to another.)
  • What solutions will be provided for my child to bridge those curriculum gaps?
  • What kind of future educational plan will be developed for my child to ensure continuity of education?
  • What kind of assessment reports will be provided to ensure that my company pays for international schooling when we repatriate?


Corporate Programs

  • Host country schooling is one of the major concerns for relocating employees.
  • According to different global mobility surveys family issues, like education, are one of the main reasons for assignment failure.
  • Without the reassurance of the right schooling choice employees may refuse the assignment.
  • Educational consulting means you save money in the long run.
  • Supporting children´s education of your employees will increase the chances of a successful assignment.
  • Greater employee satisfaction who will have more time and energy to settle into their new role.


University Placement Programs

Study In Germany and the Netherlands

Pathway Programs

Medical Studies

Special Needs Placement Evaluation

Comprehensive Education Consulting

Interview Preparation

  • Germany and the Netherlands are top study destinations for international students
  • Large number of study programs taught only in English
  • Low tuition fees
  • Internationally recognized universities
  • Permission to stay 1 year in the Netherlands and 18 months in Germany to seek employment after completing your studies
  • Great job opportunities


What Our Clients Say

As our family was preparing to relocate internationally to Germany, Ksenija was a critical resource for us, helping to find and secure schooling options for our three teenaged children. She took one of the most stressful aspects of our relocation and turned it into a comfortable and even pleasant experience. Her diligence, organization and persistence made all of the difference with finding and selecting the right school for our children. She listened patiently and asked many questions about our children's needs, interests, and abilities and then researched and worked to prepare multiple alternative suggestions that fit our individual needs. She organized and planned school visits on a very tight schedule, coordinated and communicated with the schools about entrance qualifications and educational fit, and she even helped us understand what to expect through the application and acceptance process. I am so thankful for her help and the difference that she made for our family. 

Phillip and Bessie M. (USA)

EMG School Placement was a great help to my family.

Moving from USA to Spain has been an intimidating and challenging process, especially when I had to find schools for my two children. Most schools wouldn't respond to my inquiries. After my initial meeting with Ksenija at EMG School Placement, she sprang into action and contacted 5-10 schools almost immediately. Within three days we had the results of her research. She provided a list of schools, their availability, their curricula, language of instruction, etc. A week later we were on a video call with a prospective school's principal. About a month later, our kids were admitted.

All the while, Ksenija was an excellent advisor to me and my wife.

J. Koenig (USA)


What Our Clients Say

Dear Mrs. Popac, Thank you for your excellent support in this matter. I am very impressed with all you have done and I know that the clients are very happy as well. Stella F. ICUnet.AG 

Dear Mrs. Popac, I would also like to say thank you for your great effort on the clients

quite demanding case. Your support was always well prepared and I am glad that all went well. I really hope to be working with you again. Until then, I wish you all the best. 

Wendy K. ICUnet.AG 

You have delivered outstanding work and service once again.

Dagmar K. ICUnet.AG 


What Our Clients Say

Your assistance and guidance has been immensely helpful and you yourself extremely knowledgeable, professional and sensitive to our family’s needs.

Family relocating with two children from London (UK) to Boston (USA)

It made us better understand the educational needs and challenges for our children during and after the assignment. The school search identified schools that meet these needs and the final report was very valuable in the discussions with my company to find an agreement.

Family relocating with two children from London (UK) to Raleigh, North Carolina (USA)


What Our Clients Say

Overall I wish to thank you for the support provided. Especially an excellent preparation for the school visits. This gave us the opportunity to effectively pursue the search and come to a conclusion. This service was very helpful to us in order to better familiarize with the US school system, and facilitated effective discussions with the schools. 

Family relocating with two children from Beijing (China) to San Francisco (USA)

An experienced consultant who helped me prepare for the university interview. The preparation consisted of several sessions, and it was a great mix of brainstorming and talking, as well as serious practices. From the first meeting on I was put in a real life situation, which helped me overcome being nervous.  In my opinion, the best way to handle any future situations. 

Felix L., Düsseldorf (Germany)

Meet Our Team


Ksenija Popac M.Ed.
Managing Director & Founder
Sneek - The Netherlands

An expat and entrepreneur with

over 25 years of international experience in teaching and educational consulting. Ksenija provides educational solutions for families relocating with school children, supporting and advising them on school options on a global basis.

Boris Bulatovic Dipl.-Ing.
Director of Strategic Development
Berlin - Germany

As an entrepreneur since his early twenties, Boris has founded three successful ventures in the educational field. His expertise includes development and management of international study programs, digital learning and teaching methods and corporate learning.

Ela Kurtcu M.A.
Director of Operations
Berlin - Germany

Ela has over 7 years experience in international projects and higher education sector. Her expertise includes educational program design and coordination, international project development and implementation, stakeholder communication, as well as social innovation and entrepreneurship. 



Düsseldorf - Germany

  Michele has been in the field of education for over 25 years. In addition to a classroom, EAL and Learning Support teacher for 20 years she has also been working as a cross cultural trainer focusing on Germany and the United States.

Düsseldorf - Germany

A German native responsible for client relations and operations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Mirjam brings first-hand experience with all aspects of studying and doing internship abroad. 

Munich - Germany

An education and career consultant, executive coach, and intercultural and communication skills trainer. Her core competencies are college counselling and school placement.

Vienna - Austria

A PhD candidate at the University of Vienna (Applied Linguistics) and a CELTA certified teacher. She has taught English and Spanish at various universities in several countries and speaks seven languages.

Special Educational Needs
London - UK

A qualified Early Years Practitioner and a SEN Co-ordinator responsible for assessing, planning and monitoring the progress of children with special needs. Melanie has lived in different parts of the world including Somalia and Saudi Arabia.

London - UK

A senior educationalist with extensive experience of working with families and supporting children’s transition and integration into new schools. Nicola has been head of four schools, and founding head of two international bilingual schools.

Moscow - Russia

Marketing and Business Development specialist who has lived in Toronto for 7 years. She successfully promoted Canadian educational institutions in Russia, counselling Canadian schools on the best marketing strategies in the Russian market.

Paris - France

Currently a Master’s student at La Sorbonne, Cristiana finds that the most influential lessons she has learned in life were in the classroom setting. Her expertise includes both the American and French school systems. .


Special Educational Needs
Los Angeles - USA

A learning specialist providing consultation, coordination, planning, curricular resources, evaluation, remediation, and direct instructional services for students with special needs and their families.

San Francisco - USA

A graduated of UC Berkeley who was a community organizer and then transitioned into teaching elementary school. Her involvement in the San Francisco area has made her an expert in identifying great schools throughout the region

Gran Rapids-Michigan, Charleston-South Carolina - USA

Being part of an expat/repatriated family Sarah moved within the United States and has also lived and studied in Germany. She offers first hand knowledge of school systems she acquired while teaching in the classroom, tutoring and developing curriculum. 

New York - USA

Nancy worked in independent school admissions for 22 years, was Director of Admissions in a NYC independent school for 18 years before beginning her school consulting work. In addition to helping families seeking school placement, Nancy also works with students on essay writing.

Washington D.C.
Baltimore, Philadelphia, Boston USA

Staci has served as a department chair, academic dean, curriculum writer, and lead advisor. Her particular focus has been supporting eleventh and twelfth grade students through the college application process and preparing international high school students for higher education in the United States. 

Oregon, California, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Alaska, Hawaii - USA, Vancouver - Canada

Lori has worked with schools throughout the United States and Internationally in the education publishing field. She also spent 4 years training and teaching students and teachers in Germany, and the Netherlands while working as a teacher in the MYP program at the International School of Düsseldorf.

Connecticut - USA

Elizabeth has over 30 years of experience in the educational field as a teacher, administrator, consultant and advocate. She is excited to be supporting families who are relocating to find the best matched schools for their children.

Special Educational Needs
Toronto, Montreal - Canada

Allison has worked as an early interventionist for children with special needs. Her expertise also includes curriculum design, assistive technology, assessment and individualized education plans. 

Buenos Aires - Argentina

Daniela teaches English at the University of Buenos Aires and English Phonetics in the Translation Program of Universidad de Morón. She is fluent in English, Spanish, French, Italian and German.

Buenos Aires - Argentina

Carina is an experienced teacher of English who has taught students of all ages, genders and cultural backgrounds for over 20 years. She is currently teaching F2F and online courses of English as a foreign language.

Sao Paolo - Brazil

Experienced English Second Language Instructor and Portuguese/English Interpreter and translator. Paula has first hand knowledge of both US and Brazilian educational systems.

Bogotá - Colombia

A native Canadian who travels to different schools in Bogotá and teaches students of different age groups empowerment, communication, and leadership skills. She also leads camp activities for different schools.

Mexico City - Mexico

Viviana has written several English language teaching books for different grade levels. She is currently working for National Geographic Society in the Education area, she teaches at the UNAM, and she is a freelance academic consultant and writer.

Mexico City - Mexico

A native of Mexico who spent three years in Michigan, USA. Sarah went through a process of relocating with two school aged children. She is currently teaching English to university students.

Cancun - Mexico

A trainer and coach for teachers who has worked as an English coordinator at different private schools. Patricia´experience .includes talks and workshops in the Middle East, Asia, Europe, America and the Caribbean Islands. She has written several books for ELT, science and training resources


Special Educational Needs
Johannesburg - South Africa

Lauren is a registered Counsellor and Intermediate Phase teacher. She has been working in the education sector for three years now both as a teacher, and a school counsellor.

Dubai - UAE

An expat who has lived in Kuwait, Egypt and Canada. Rasha has held different positions as a librarian, teacher and , most recently, trainer dealing with different school in the Emirates.

Tunis - Tunisia

An experienced English teacher who has been an expat for the past 15 years. Sondes' expertise include teaching, training trainers, project management and material development for different schools.  

Tunis - Tunisia

Aida is a freelance teacher and a translator of Arabic, French and English. Her experience includes translations in medical, management and financial fields. as well as teaching English to young learners and adults.

Cairo - Egypt

Marijana has held various educational roles including, most recently, teaching history and social studies at different international schools in Cairo. She has also served on several school committees. Marijana is fluent in English, Arabic and Serbian.


Beijing - China 

A native of Michigan (USA) who has lived in Spain, Germany, and now China. In an international career spanning almost two decades Erica has taught students in public schools and in universities.

Beijing - China

Aleksandar brings over 20 years of working experience in sales, marketing and business development in telecommunications, IT, enterprise and banking industry. He is a certified TESOL teacher. Currently he works as a substitute teacher.

Hong Kong - China

Having spent the past 10 years in Wellington, New Zealand. Vicky has recently relocated to Sha Tin, Hong Kong. Vicky provides her expertise on catering various teaching approaches to kids of individuals for successful learning. She is fluent in English, Cantonese and Mandarin.

Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Jakarta, Manilla

Valerie has spent almost a decade in Hong Kong. She successfully helped numerous families find the right school for their children in Hong Kong´s rich yet challenging school landscape as well as other school systems throughout the Asia region,

New Delhi - India

An educational consultant with over twenty years of experience in the field. Her ten years with a top Indian school in the Delhi National Capital region was supplemented with international exposure, when she moved to Thailand and subsequently to Singapore where she continued to work in the field. 

Mumbai, Pune, Chennai - India

A mother of two who brings an extensive experience of Indian educational landscape. Her background also includes various roles with adventure travel companies which catered to marketing their Himalayan white-water rafting camps which among others also catered to international school students.  

Tokyo - Japan

A native Canadian who has been living in Japan for the last nine years. With over a decade of teaching experience Shayna has worked with children and adults alike and has taught in many environments including private language schools, universities, and corporate businesses.


Pamela spent 7 years living in the US before relocating back to Asia.

She has lectured for the University of Nevada Las Vegas ( Singapore campus), taught English as a second language to children of expatriates, and spent the last few years working in international recruitment.

New Delhi - India

Native of New Delhi who has been residing in Singapore for over 20 years. Sahana came as an expat and has experienced different phases of looking for schools, exploring different curricula and culture that suited her own children.

Special Educational Needs
Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia

An expat who has lived in Singapore, Malaysia and Dubai over the last 23 years. Samia has 20 years experience supporting Primary & Secondary students, with mild to severe learning difficulties in literacy and numeracy..

Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia

A native American who has lived overseas for fifty years.  Sally taught IB History for eight years and has been an IB History Examiner from 2015 to the present. She has also held various leadership positions.

Special Educational Needs
Taipei - Taiwan

An expat and a mother of two currently working as a substitute and a remedial teacher. In addition to South Africa, Eline has also lived and worked in Frankfurt, Germany, and has an excellent knowledge of the international school landscape of this area. 

Special Educational Needs
Manila - Philippines, Jakarta - Indonesia

Rea has over 14 years teaching experience in the field of Special Education. She taught students with physical, medical, behavioral, and neurodevelopmental challenges in the Philippines and later on in Dubai.


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